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May 132012
Man V Machine Start

All routes must start here

Technology Saves Man Vs Machine

The concept of running (Man) verse Machine (Bike) up to the top of La Costa Hills is still an interesting concept.  The problem is that having a single day event to find this out is difficult to  get approval and manage.  Strava has come to the rescue.  We can create Strava Segments that participants can be compared both Man and Machine.

The Rules of the Event are simple.  Use Strava to track your time.  Start from the MvM start point on Camino Junipero and travel (Run or Bike) up to the top of Denk Mountain

Combined leader (man & machine)

Dave Callender 31:45
Someone has to do better than that.

Top Segments (Man & Machine) and Top Times



Good Luck

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Mar 042012

Kids Bike Safety Check and More

This Saturday, March 10th from 10am to 12pm the City of Encinitas Parks and Recreation will be having their 2nd Annual bike rodeo.  The two hour event will include bike and helmet check.  The Encinitas Sheriff’s Crime Prevention will be presenting a safety program.  There will also be a series of fun events for Kids of all ages.

It is not to late to volunteer for the event.  Contact Dave Callender if you are interested.  The bike rodeo will be at:

Encinitas City Hall Parking Lot
505 South Vulcan Avenue
Encinitas, CA 92024

City of Encinitas Flyer -  Encinitas bike roadeo


View Encinitas Park & Recreation in a larger map

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Feb 172012

Bontrager Aeolus Wheels

Bontrager Aeolus Wheel

Aeolus 9.0 Rear Wheel (Clincher)

Trek Bicycle’s recent development of a new line of Aeolus D3 tubular wheels, each of which is the world’s most aerodynamic wheel in its class. Bontrager wheels are the fastest way across the finish line.  The aerodynamic drag performance of this new wheel line achieves a drag performance comparable to the next depth class from  either Zipp or HED, and the Aeolus 9 D3 is in a class of its own as the fastest non-disc wheel in the world.

Bontrager Aeolus D3 wheels offer dramatic aerodynamic drag savings over the competition. What’s the benefit of lower drag in the real world? Real, appreciable savings of time and power.   The translation of drag to seconds is independent of all other factors, including the rider’s speed.  Similarly, we can translate 10g of drag savings to power savings, but this translation depends on the rider’s speed.  For example, 10g of drag savings translates to 0.75 watts of power savings for a cyclist traveling at 40kph (25mph).  The  230g drag variance determined by wind tunnel tests between Aeolus D3 and the highest-drag wheels translates to 17 watts of power.

Bontrager R4 Aero Tire

Bontrager R4 Tire

Bontrager R4 Tire

The World’s Fastest Tire combines the aerodynamics and low rolling resistance of the R4 tire with a new streamlined profile saving you 9+ seconds over the next fastest tire in a 10k time trial, and more than 37 seconds faster over a 40K time trial than our closest competitor

Bontrager’s development process of the Aeolus Wheel

When developing the Bontrager Aeolus D3 wheels, Bontrager engineers aimed to understand the core fluid dynamic phenomena that contribute to a wheel’s aerodynamic drag. We then leveraged this understanding in a series of parametric tests where every aspect of the wheel’s geometry was tuned for ideal airflow. This true scientific process is expensive and requires a high level of expertise—and it is the most effective method for developing optimal aerodynamic shapes. For this project alone, Bontrager engineers conducted over 2,000 CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations and over 900 wind tunnel measurements spanning 107 individual wind tunnel tests.

Bontrager took full advantage of their unique relationship with Trek Bicycle and its wealth of aerodynamic expertise and tools, resulting in a highly efficient and accurate design process. Each wheel’s aerodynamic development took two weeks of CFD testing, followed by a wind tunnel test of three prototypes per wheel depth. This efficiency allowed for rapid delivery of cutting-edge technology today.

Aeolus 3 D3: no-compromises climber

The Bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 is a no-compromises climbing wheel, offering generous drag savings over wheels of similar depth. In fact, it even beats the 10mm deeper Zipp 303 in almost all wind conditions. Furthermore, Aeolus 3 D3 dramatically beats the 21mm deeper Easton EC90 Aero wheel Aeolus 5 D3: ultimate all-around versatility The Bontrager Aeolus 5 D3 is the ultimate all-around wheel for maximum versatility. For all but the steepest hill climbs, the marginal weight increase is well worth the significant drag savings over the shallower depth class. Aeolus 5 D3 beats the HED Stinger 4 and Zipp 303 by a margin much greater than can be attributed to the 5mm depth advantage. Furthermore, it offers consistent drag savings over the 8mm deeper Zipp 404 Firecrest. Finally, Aeolus 5 D3 nearly ties the 10mm deeper 2011 HED Stinger

Aeolus 7 D3: ultra-high performance

The Bontrager Aeolus 7 D3 is the ideal wheel for the flat-lander or the lighter-weight triathlete looking for an extra bit of stability over the very deepest wheels. In fact, it has a slightly lower average drag than the 11mm deeper Zipp 808 Firecrest up until stall (from 0-12.5˚ yaw). Needless to say, it also beats the rest of the wheels in the same depth class and even the very deep Zipp 1080

Aeolus 9 D3: world’s fastest

The Bontrager Aeolus 9 D3 is the fastest non-disc wheel in the world. It achieves both the lowest minimum drag at negative 40 grams and the latest stall point at 14.5˚ yaw. This delayed stall is critical, since these deep wheels lose most of their aerodynamic benefit at the instant of stall. Furthermore, the Aeolus 9 D3 stalls much less severely than any other wheel in its class, offering significant drag savings even after stall occurs. Since stall is so critical to these deep wheels, the stall angle of the fastest wheel from Bontrager, HED, and Zipp was measured to 0.5˚ accuracy

The full Bontrager Aeolus D3 lineup

The Bontrager Aeolus D3 wheel line has a consistent spread of drag performance across all depths and yaw angles, providing an athlete with a simple choice for the wheel that fits his/her needs. Also note the low poststall drag, a consistent characteristic of the Bontrager wheel line

Brand-by-brand summary

The Bontrager Aeolus D3 wheel achieves a drag performance comparable to the next depth class from either Zipp or HED, and the Aeolus 9 D3 is in a class of its own as the fastest non-disc wheel in the world

When plotted the drag force against the side force instead of the rim depth the general trends remain the same. This demonstrates that the Bontrager Aeolus D3 wheel line allows a rider to enjoy the side force stability of a shallower wheel while achieving the same drag savings as a deeper competitor wheel.

Summary of the Aeolus Wheels and R4 Tire

Aeolus D3 Wheel

  • Dual Directional Design.
    • D3 profile reduces drag on both the tire-leading and rim-leading edge. This not only makes you faster, it gives you more control in a crosswind.
  • Shape is more important than depth.
    • D3 rim shape is so aerodynamic that even our shallowest rims compete with other brands’ deeper wheels.
  • Shallower is better.
    • When you run shallower wheels, you reduce weight, decrease the watts required to climb, increase acceleration out of corners, and improve handling on windy days.
  • OCLV Carbon: the world’s best carbon.
    • Hand built in USA from our exclusive aerospace-grade carbon. Stiffer, stronger, lighter, better.
  • Stacked lacing, stiffer wheel.
    • Innovative pattern of straight nailhead spokes widens the bracing angle on rear wheels for more lateral stiffness.
  • Long-term precision.
    • DT’s proven drive mechanism comes standard, with superlight 180 internals on tubular and precision 240 internals on clincher.

R4 Tire – The Worlds Fastest Tire

  • More than 37 seconds faster over a 40K time trial than our closest competitor
  • For higher performance, racing purposes only. Not intended for everyday use or training 220 tpi casing provides ultra low rolling resistance and excellent ride quality
  • CFD-aided tread profile for better aerodynamics on contemporary rim widths
  • Aero wings help slice through the wind
  • Integrated sub-tread puncture protection

In San Diego you can check the Aeolus Wheels at:

El Camino Bike Shop
121 N. El Camino Real, Suite A
Encinitas, CA 92024




Jan 262012

Just to give equal time to mountain bikers. Here is a shorter (Mtn Bikes don’t ride as long Mountain bike version. But what is the white stuff on the ground and where are the rocks to ride over?


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