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Sep 212011

Closest Mountain Biking to Encinitas

If you had to pick one trail in the North Coast area is that is close to the major populations it would be Rancho La Costa. In the center of Rancho La Costa area is Denk Tank Mountain. Denk Tank Mountain is the highest point in Carlsbad. Denk Tank Mountain offers a spectacular panoramic view of much of coastal San Diego. Rancho La Costa Preserve is managed by the Center for Natural Lands Management(CNLN). Through out the year, CNLN and the San Diego Mountain Bike Association have trail building days. These trail building days are a key part of keeping these heavily use trails in good condition for the mountain biker.

View La Costa Hills Moutain Bike Trails in a larger map

Rancho La Costa has three main trails. Visit one of the San Diego Bike shops to get a map of the trails. There are two trails going to the top of the hill on the south side of Denk Mountain (“Switchback” on the west side and “Vista Del Mar” on the East side). Connecting these to trails is Tank Hill / Denning fire road along the ridge of the top of Denk Mountain.

I suggest that you start at the parking area near the crossing of Camino Junipero and Corta Romero and ride east to Sitio Salvia and turn into the gravel road on the east side of the road. From there you can connect to the west switchback trail call “Switchbacks” or “The Old Switchbacks”. A mile up the “Switchbacks” you will come to the Tank Hill fire road. If you are an aggressive down hill full suspension mountain biker you can make a sharp right turn and go down the NASCAR. This is the best steep downhill trail in the entire San Diego Coastal region. You will often see fully armored downhillers on their Trek full suspension mountain bikes bombing down NASCAR.

If you are looking for a longer, less aggressive route I would suggest that you continue east on the Tank Hill / Denning fire road up to the top of Denk Mountain and take a breather and be impressed with the 360 degree view of San Diego.

Once you are rested and have placed a rock on the pile at the vista (This is a ritual that all in the know mountain bikers do), continue east to the Vista Del Mar trail. Eventually you will descend to Corte Romero near where your car is parked.

This mountain bike route will take mountain bikers 45 to 90 minutes. Catch your breath and try the other trails of Rancho La Costa.

For more information about this area contact El Camino Bike Shop, San Diego’s best Bike Shop.

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Sep 012011


Volagi Liscio a Winner in San Diego

Volagi Bicycle

Wishbone Stays / Disc Brakes / Fender Ready

A month ago the co-founder from Volagi, a new bike manufacturer came into El Camino Bike Shop. The bike she presented was eye catching and its design was a bit out of the box. The goal of the Volagi bike is to provide the recreational rider who likes long rides the most comfortable bike on the market, but with the geometry is designed to handle quickly like a race bike. Volagi Liscio certainly has a “whoa” factor, with its Wishbone frame and Avid’s mechanical disc brakes. The San Diego Bike Shop was impressed. The Volagi demo was given a green light.

El Camino Bike Shop demo of the Volagi was a success. Over six days over 20 people road the Volagi. As one new Volagi owner stated “I trust the guys at El Camino Bike Shop. I was looking for something different and they showed me the Volagi Bike. One test ride and I was sold.”

Volagi Road Bike Background

Volagi Liscio’s unique split seat stays (Wishbone) allow for more flex in both the seat stays and it greatly softens the ride. That doesn’t mean that the road bike will flex. The chainstays / fork combination offer great power transfer and stiffness.

Disc brakes offer steady braking under all situations, better safety and management, better stopping power, a smaller amount hand fatigue, less servicing, they’re more economical, easy to adjust, won’t harm your expensive carbon wheels, will brake even with damaged wheels, you can run bigger tires and/or fenders without stressing about wheel clearance and it helps make changing a flat easier.

The Latest race bikes can give you the quick, tight performance, but beat an individual up on rides lasting two or three hundred miles or more. The advantage of these bikes, beyond the designed better braking and comfort, is that no proprietary parts are used. Volagi maintains that the move to hydraulic disk isn’t only coming, but will expand help expand the road bike market. This year when Volagi is coming out with hydraulic disk brakes, you’ll have the ability to upgrade (though depending on how the interior cabling is run, you may have to work the house along the frame). Lastly the wheel clearance and built-in mounts on the frame allow fenders on the bike which will be great on winter commutes on the Volagi..
Volagi, is founded by two former Specialized Bikes employees. Robert Choi was the founder of VistalLite and when Bell Sports purchased VistalLite, he became the head of marketing and product development for Blackburn, Rhode Gear and VistalLite. He then worked at CamelBak for 10 years developing many break-through products for CamelBak.

Volagi Liscio Ultegra

Test Ride the Volagi Liscio at El Camino Bike Shop

The Volagi has roll out three models:

The Volagi Liscio Rival retailing for $2,895.00
The Volagi Liscio Ultegra retailing for $3,595.00
The Volagi Liscio Dura-Ace retailing for $4,495.00

Check out the line of Volagi Road bikes at the only San Diego bike shop carrying the Volagi – El Camino Bike Shop

Jul 112011

Who is Faster up to the top of La Costa Hills / Denk Mountain

Man or Machine?

Denk Mountain Hill Climb

Who is Faster?

The question is who is faster-  the Runner or the Mountain Biker?

The answer is the formation of the event Man Vs Machine, where each is pitted against the other in a timed event up the hill.

History of the concept:
Last year a group of us would meet on Fridays to Mountain Bike up Denk Mountain (Top of Rancho La Costa Conservation Area).  Sometimes we would have runners participate.  It became clear that by choosing different routes it was not clear who would be at the top of the hill first – Man or Machine.

Man Vs Machine is looking to be a simple affair:

  1. Decide if you are a Man/Woman/Hiker or a Machine.
  2. Register for the event on line (Before Aug 27th)
  3. Show up at Cadenza park the morning of the event (6:30am to 7:10am)
  4. Give us your donation of $10 or more for RLCC (Only Cash)
  5. Get your starting time
  6. Go to the starting location (Starting at 7:30am)
  7. Go as fast as you can up the hill


When is the Event?
Sunday August 28th.  This will be our  LOW KEY first time event of its kind.  email us at focycling@gmail.com if you have questions

Where is the Event?
Here is a Google Map of the area with:

  • Parking Registration Area
  • Approximate start location
  • Finish location

Where do I register?
We are using Eventbrite for registration. We will not be taking any day of event sign ups. It is too complicated for us to track.  Below is the registration:

What are the rules?
Only two rules.  You must run / hike /ride up legal trails within the Open Space.  You cannot race down the hill.  We need to be safe.

What is the cost?
We are raising money for Center for Natural Lands Management Rancho La Costa Habitat Conservation Area. We are asking for a $10 donation at the time of registration.