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Apr 012011

ECBS & Trek Bicycles Announces Cardboard Recycled Bicycle
El Camino Bike Shop will be distributing Trek’s first disposable bike

Recycle Bike

Recycle bike at the end of your ride

Press Release

Encinitas, California- April 1st, 2011
Costing $19.99, it is light, easy to carry and simple to assemble. Step-by-step instructions are included and all you have to do is, pop, fold, score and tear the pieces you need to assemble your bike in a flash. No glue, tape or staples required.
And when you’ve tired of the bike, you can just pop it into the recycle bin.

To celebrate this innovative technology 2010 Trek Bikes will be on Sale. Savings will include kids bikes to Madones.

- Sorry but the Recycle bike will not be on sale.
For more information about the recycled bike concept click here

Future Developments include Bicycles for Dogs and Cats
Taking the lead from Electra Bicycle’s concept of “Electra Makes Bicycles for the Rest of Us“, Trek Bicycles and El Camino Bike Shop are Alpha Testing the development of Bicycles for Cats and Dogs.

Helmets for Dogs will start at $9.99

Mountain bike legend Gary Fisher was the developer of the concept. “I was laying back in my favorite chair smoking a fat one, when I looked out my window and saw my cat jump on a bicycle to escape the local dog chasing him down the street.” says Mr. Fisher. With the first class aerospace engineers at Trek and consultants from Circus Soleil concept to prototype was only 6 months.

Work on the “Dog Bike is ahead of schedule, but release of the Cat Bike is at least a year behind. Dogs have more instinct to raise their hind leg and mount the bike.

Cat Development behind schedule

About El Camino Bike Shop
El Camino Bike Shop in Encinitas, California, supports cyclist of all levels in the North County San Diego. El Camino Bike Shop carries a large assortment of bicycles, cycling parts, accessories and clothing. We have been serving the area since 1972. Whether you are a parent buying your child’s first bike or an experienced road racer, El Camino Bike Shop will serve your needs.
About Trek Bicycles
Headquartered in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek Bicycle Corporation is a global leader in bicycle design and manufacturing. From our new cardboard recycled touring frames introduced in 2011
to the revolutionary OCLV carbon fiber first introduced in 1992, Trek’s passion for innovation,quality, and performance leads the industry with next-generation technology and thinking.

El Camino Bike Shop
Brings bikes to all animals equally

Trek Bicycles
Leader in Green Technology
From Cardboard to Carbon

No animals were harmed in the development of either the cardboard or animal bicycles

Oct 152009

Surfer Joe recently was in a bad crash with a car. Joe is a great guy and since he knew that the Wednight Mtn Bike crowd is always looking for a Beer opener for our “Beeramyd Scheme” he made a beer opener out of it.

Here is Chris doing what we always do after a ride.. Get Beer

Here are the rest of the pictures of the Beer Opener.

Sep 122009

Joe Pusl did an interesting modification to his Santa Cruz Blur. Check it out.

I recently changed my Santa Cruz Blur over to a 2×9 setup (2 front rings, 9 speed in rear). I have attached some pics of this project. For 2010, SRAM has done this (2×10 in their case) for their XC racing group called “XX”.
See http://www.sram.com/en/XX/products

This is done for 2 main reasons: Narrower Q factor (distance between pedals / stance width) and better shifting (less cross chaining since only 2 rings). My Dura Ace double road crankset has a Q factor of 145mm. My M760 XT crankset has a Q factor of 175mm. That’s a huge 3cm difference that my knees didn’t like.
See http://www.julmtb.com/index.php?menu=qfacteur for more Q factors.

SRAM actually offers 2 different Q factors (156 or 166mm) depending on what the width of the chainstays on your bike are. The 2010 XX crankset is not available yet (as far as I can tell), but when it is, it will be big $.

So I set out to make a road crankset work. A road triple (Ultegra) has a Q factor of 155mm. Notice that this dimension is about the same as the narrower of the 2 SRAM options, so it won’t work on all MTB frames. The total BB width of a road double setup is 90mm (68mm BB + cups) The total for a road triple setup is 100mm (90mm + 10mm of spacers). I am using a 6mm spacer on the spindle drive side (comes w/ triple crank), + 4x1mm spacers (from a cogset), 2 on each side of the BB (pics 1 & 2).

The key issues are crankarm clearance and chainline.
The 2x1mm spacers on the non-drive side are used to keep the non-drive arm from hitting the frame (pic #3). The other 2x1mm spacers on the drive side are used to help the chainline and get the total spacing up to 100mm. Road bike front derailuers come closer to the seat tube and hence the rings are placed closer. The chainline is defined as the distance from the center of the seat tube to the center of all the rings. This is 45mm for a road triple and 47.5 to 50mm for a mtn triple.
See http://www.sheldonbrown.com/cribsheet-bottombrackets.html#chainline for chainline info.

Using the Ultegra crank w/ the 6mm spacer (w/o other spacers) w/ a 68mm BB shell (like I have; some mtb’s have 73mm) would give a 45mm chainline, just like on a road bike. Adding the 2x1mm spacers brings it up to 47mm, which is pretty close (pic #4).

I removed the big ring and swapped out the chainring bolts w/ ones that were shorter (made for a single ring). I kept the middle ring (39t), and changed out the little ring to a 26t. These are the same size rings as SRAM’s 1st of 3 options for their double. See pics 5-6.

They claim that 1.5:1 for the ring sizes is optimum for the most usable gear ratios.
The reason Dura Ace will not work is that the minimum little ring is 30t due to a bigger BCD.
See http://www.sheldonbrown.com/cribsheet-bcd.html for BCDs. Ultegra is 74mm inner, 130mm middle/outer (standard 5 bolt rings).

I’ve only ridden it a few times so far, but it really feels a lot better to me.
If you have any questions, send me email.